I’ll tell you a story. This was an enlightening moment. We were on a tour with Mondo Cane, and we were playing theaters and churches and all the right places. And everything’s going great. Then we had a show in Finland, in the north of Finland, at a festival, which already was like, “Oh boy…” Festivals in general, for that stuff, with that setup and everything, are—I was worried about it. But then I found out it was a metal festival. And I was furious. I was like, “This is gonna bomb.” Not for me—I was worried about the rest of the musicians and about preserving the integrity of the music. I mean, we were playing all this quiet orchestral stuff in front of a bunch of pierced and tattooed Vikings? I don’t know. You tell me how wrong I was. So we played, and there were twenty thousand people or something—it was one of the bigger crowds we’d ever played to—and not only was it a success, people were stunned—quiet. So we got offstage, and stagehands who had been helping us all day were in tears. They said [in a Finnish accent], “This is the most beautiful music I ever heard.” So there really is no way of knowing.

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De donde sacaste las fotos de los papas de patton ? locaaaaaaa

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Bueno…. más locaaaaa quien pregunta ANONIMAMENTE jajaja

Como que la zuccatosta no lo pesca mucho... qué opinas ?

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Hola…. Me encanta hablar de este tema…
Pero quién putas sos Anónimo???
Sos vos de nuevo Piero Lombardi????
Mirá, disfruto mucho hablando de Patton y todo y me encanta compartir opiniones, datos, chismes, etc… pero no me hace tanta gracia cuando me preguntan mierda Anónimamente… Realmente no entiendo… por qué no te metés de lleno al “fandom” y aceptás tu fanatismo?… Por qué te escondés detrás del Anónimo….???
Hello… I love talking about this topic…
Just who the hell are you Anonymous???
Is it you again Piero Lombardi???
Look, I really enjoy talking about Patton and all and I love sharing opinions, information, gossip, etc… but I don’t find it very amusing when I’m being asked shit Anonymously… I really don’t get it… Why don’t you accept you’re a fan and dive right into “fandom”?… Why do you hide behind Anonymous?